Winter Motivation


It's this time of year that many find difficult.  Coping with the climatic changes that winter brings (in the Northern hemisphere) is tough for any athlete.  Frosty mornings, rainy days and cold solution - indoor training!  Whilst for some indoor training is boredom defined, for me, it's my savior. 
So what keeps me motivated to train during the winter?  I concentrate on my goals, both short-term and long-term.  This season my focus is on IM South Africa, winning my age-group and booking a trip to Hawaii.  I know that there are many other 18-24 year olds around the world targeting this same goal.  I know they're training hard.  I know they want the age-group win.  I know they want the Hawaii slot. 
On April 25th 2010, I want to be the fastest 18-24 year old to finish the race.  That's my motivation.  Every session counts, every stroke, every pedal revolution, every stride.  Every session takes me a step closer to achieving my goals.