Goodbye Hawaii


After over 24 hours of travelling and 3 flights I've finally arrived in the UK.  On Sunday I was fairly immobile, hobbling around looking a bit foolish.  Fortunately there were a couple of thousand others who were the same!  The awards dinner was good fun, where we watched the top 5 athletes in all categories go on stage to claim their prizes.  This was good motivation to get on stage next year.  After that there were the awards for the professionals and the winners' speeches.  
We left Kona early Monday afternoon, which meant we had time for one last breakfast.  How do you say the perfect goodbye?  One last visit to Lava Java and a 'McKenzie Stack', washed down with iced coffee (the pancakes weren't mine)!
It's been an amazing 10 days or so, and I definitely hope to return next year.  The year ahead is sure to be fun with some great training along the way.