Kona Diary: Day 2


Another day in paradise... a day which started at 2:00am - clearly I'm not quite over the jet lag yet!  Just after 7:00am I was in the water at 'Dig-me Beach', ready to swim the course with Russ Cox (a British athlete).  After quite a bit of zig-zagging on the way out, we eventually made the turn-around buoy.  On the way back there were about half a dozen dolphins about 20m away which was pretty cool.



Reward for a long swim was a nice buffet breakfast and Bongo Bens.  I spent the afternoon relaxing, cleaning the grime off my bike after yesterday's wet ride.  This evening I ran (mainly jogged) from the condo down Ali'i Drive to the turn-around point and back, which was around 7.25 miles.  It was a nice time of day to run and clearly others had the same idea, as there were quite a few runners.
Unfortunately I appear to have 'misplaced' (or forgotten to pack) my camera download cable, so there can be no pictures for now.  The plan for tomorrow is a very gentle ride and a lot of relaxing.