Kona Diary: Day 4


The day started with a short 20 minute run with 2x 5 minutes at race pace.  After a quick snack, I walked down Ali'i Drive to the pier for a (choppy) 25 minute swim.  The pier has been noticeably busier the last few days with more and more people getting in their race week sessions.  
After a nice breakfast it was time to queue for registration and the dreaded weigh-in.  After taking off as much as I could without offending anyone, I was relieved to see that my weight was within 1lb of where I expected it to be.  After picking up the necessities and a few gifts in the 'goodie bag', it was time to relax.



The day was rounded off with the Parade of Nations, which started at the pier and finished at Hale Halawai.  For the first time ever, the organisers had to dust the cobwebs off the Seychelles flag pole, which I proudly carried through the parade.  Once that ended, I had a quick look around the expo, which was much like those at other Ironman races.  

With only 3 days to go, I am getting really excited.  The atmosphere has been gradually building the last few days and will soon come to a crescendo on Saturday.  The build up to the race is immense, with everyone on the Island thinking about one thing: the Ironman.