Col de la Madone


So like I said - the cycling here is incredible!  Today I got in 4 solid hours of riding, going from Monaco - La Turbie - Peille - La Grave and back.  That in itself isn't a particularly long route, so I padded it out with...


This climb was made famous by Lance Armstrong, who would use it as a fitness barometer in the build up to the Tour.  It's along the D22 from Menton, which is the next town along from Monaco.  It is a 7.5 mile climb that goes from just above sea level to 925m.  




St Agnes is the only village along the climb
Looking back down at the 'lacets' (French for switchbacks)

A decent workout - 255 watts for 42:35.  The record of 30:27 still stands, just.
Happy days!