2XU and Newton Running Sponsorship!


I am delighted to announce that in 2011 I will be sponsored by 2XU and Newton Running!  This is extremely exciting news, as I've been training and racing in 2XU clothing and compression since starting triathlon.  From my first experience with Newton shoes, I was thoroughly impressed by the thought process and science behind the product.  At this point I'd like to say a big thank you to TCL Sports, who are the UK distributors for 2XU and Newton Running.
2XU offer a full range of triathlon clothing, wetsuits, cycling and running clothing, and of course, compression clothing.  The compression gear has always been the focus of my post-race routine, particularly in helping reduce the effects of DOMS.  The 2011 2XU range will be released soon, which will also include compression tri clothing!  For a full view of products, check out the 2XU UK site.  
The philosophy behind Newton shoes is that landing on the midfoot/forefoot is the most efficient running style.  Newton are the only brand whose entire line is dedicated to natural running.  Newton offer a shoe type for all runners, including neutral and stability trainers and performance racers, as well as a trail shoe!  The full range of products are online and available to purchase at Newton Running UK.