Post Kona Update


I've been quiet on the blog front for the past two weeks, but there's not been a lot of news to share.  My brother and I left Kona two days after the race on Monday, and arrived in the UK on Tuesday evening.  As with after any Ironman, the body was pretty sore for a few days, but I continued with the increased dosage of Extreme Endurance for a week post race, which helped with the recovery.  I was soon back in the pool doing some active recovery.  By Friday I made it out the door for a light jog and was reminded that I had a rather hard workout siz days earlier!  I'm back in the normal routine of swimming and hitting the same paces I was prior to Kona, although the number of intervals are less.
It's been nice to have a few weeks in the UK and catch up with the whole family, but my time here has come to an end.  Tomorrow I'm flying back to Seychelles and will soon be back in the sun and the outdoor olympic pool!  I'm really looking forward to heading back and getting into my normal training routine.  The most exciting thing is definitely the upcoming race at IMWA in just over 5 weeks time.  For the majority of the season I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get to Australia for this one, but as of last week the flights are booked!  I built up a lot of fitness for Kona and the next month will be a case of trying to regain as much of it as possible.  8 weeks between two Ironman races is a short window, but it's a new challenge I'm ready to take on.