Kona Diary - Day 36


I've just got back from the E Komo Mai Banquet, also known as the Welcome Dinner.  The evening started out well with local Hawaiin dancers and performers, but unfortunately the weather wasn't very cooperative.  The heavens soon opened and we were treated to some seriously heavy rain!  Fortunately, the briefing that followed was kept as short as possible, so we were able to make a quick escape.  I managed to huddle under a small tent, crowded with others who had the same idea.  Before the downpour we were shown a highlights reel from last years race, which really helped to get you psyched up!
Back to the start of the day, I managed to wake up a little earlier which I was really pleased with.  Getting a little extra sleep made me feel a whole lot better and more relaxed.  At 9:30am I went for a short 20 minute swim, but heading out later in the morning meant the conditions were much choppier than I'd been used to.  Apparently there's been a swell in the past few days, but it's expected to be quite calm on race day.
The remainder of the day was spent completely off my feet.  No walking around the expo, no going out for lunch - just taking it easy.  I'll hope to have a good nights sleep this evening and awake ready for the last bit of training before Saturday.  Of course, tomorrow afternoon is the bike and transition bag check-in, but other than that, I'll try and stay away from the melee and stay focussed on the day ahead.