Kona Diary - Day 37: Part II

The bike and transition bags are now on the pier.  Nothing left to do now but wait  My transition bags are pretty simple.  In the swim-bike bag, there's my race number, arm coolers and a beanie to keep my head cool under the helmet.  In the bike-run bag there's my

Newton Performance Racers

, socks, cap, watch and a caffeinated energy flask.

And here's my whip for Kona 2011 - the

Scott Plasma Premium

.  What you see is what you get - a serious machine.  There's one bottle cage between the bars and the spares are taped under the saddle.  I couldn't be happier to be riding this on the lava fields tomorrow.

It was quite busy at the transitiona area, but as with last year, the procedure was painless.  I was immediately allocate a volunteer to walk me through the transitiona area and rack my bags.  Again, as one of the high numbers, my bike is right at the end of the pier.

Well, that's me done for today.  I had a large lunch earlier today, which will be followed by a small early dinner (both a rather uninspiring pasta, tuna and tomato sauce).  Thanks to everyone for following what has been a great journey this year, and I hope to do you all proud with a great performance tomorrrow.  For live tracking and viedo coverage, visit