IMWA Diary - Day 1


I'm calling this Day 1 ofmy IMWA Diary, but I'm still not in Australia.  At midnight last night I took the 4.5 hour flight from Seychelles to Dubai, where I had a 5 hour layover before a 7 hour flight to Singapore.  I must say, the Singapore city skyline was very impressive upon landing.  First impressions, it's humid here.  We landed around 10:30pm and it was still 26 degrees!  The good news - all my baggage has made it here.  Trusty Emirates.
My flight to Perth is at 3:45 tomorrow afternoon, so hopefully I'll get a good sleep and have a good feed in the morning ahead of the next travel leg.  It's just gone midnight here so it's time for me to get some rest, but before I log off, I'll share a picture with you.  Here's what a full day of flying/travelling does to your feet - even compression is no match for the mighty cankles!  Hopefully they'll go down overnight!