IMWA Diary – Day 2

I managed to get a solid 6 hours of sleep in bed last night – much more comfortable than trying to sleep sitting upright on an aeroplane.  I didn’t have too much time to waste in the morning, so I quickly got myself to the gym for a run session on the treadmill.  After a warming up, I felt surprisingly good considering all the travel from the past 24 hours.  With the session done, I headed downstairs for the breakfast buffet.  Those that know me will realise that a buffet is perhaps not the most sensible idea for me in race week!  With fierce dedication, I limited myself to a very sensible sized and healthy breakfast, ensuring I was giving my body all the good stuff it needs ahead of the weekend.
At midday I got the hotel shuttle bus to the airport, followed by another coach to a separate terminal.  Fortunately, the service from Tiger Airways at check-in was impeccable, and with no queue, I had my boarding card within minutes.  Putting your bike on the oversized conveyor belt is always nerve racking, as you wonder if it will make it on the plane with you.  With fingers crossed, I let it go.  The 5 hour flight to Perth was great, simply because I hit the jackpot and had 3 free seats!  This gave me the chance to stretch out the legs and catch up on some much needed sleep.  The flight took off promptly and we even landed 20 minutes ahead of schedule.  With the help of airport staff at Perth, I quickly cleared immigration and customs and got the taxi to my hotel, where I sit now.  It’s around 10pm and time for me to get to bed.  Tomorrow is the final leg of this gargantuan journey – a 3 hour coach ride to Busselton.