IMWA Diary – Day 5


As always the day before Ironman, I got my last bit of training done first thing in the morning.  A short 30 minute ride and 12 minute run was all I did, but the day before the race, that's plenty.  After a pancake breakfast I got my transition bags sorted and ready to rack later in the morning.  My scheduled bike rack time was between 11 and 12pm, the earliest available time slot.  Again, the process was slick.  Without queueing, I was quickly photographed with my bike and directed to leave my bike on the numbered racks.  I then placed my transition bags on the numbered hooks, quickly went through weigh-in (thankfully no nasty surprises), and my work for the day was done. 
 A great way to illustrate the drafting distance
With the formalities out of the way the order for the rest of the day was to relax.  I stuck to my ritual of a very large lunch the day before, with two plates of spaghetti bologneise.  The afternoon seemed to pass by quite quickly, and before long it was time for an early dinner of lasagna and a movie.  My homestay family have looked after me well and it will be nice to see them out on the course tomorrow.
I haven't talked about my goals, time ambitions or tactics for the race yet, but as you'd expect, there's no secrets.  I'm feeling good and well prepared, so what will be will be.  The forecast is for a hot day with reasonable winds - just what I'd have hoped for.  I'm as excited about this race as any other and I cannot wait to get in the water and wait for the gun to go off at 5:45am tomorrow.  Thanks for following the Diary so far, race #51 signing out!