Relocation: Destination Seychelles


In just two days time things will be changing - I'll be flying back to the Seychelles!  Normally known as a honeymoon destination rather than a triathlon hotspot, it's a place I call home after living there during my childhood.  In case anyone is unsure where exactly that is, it's off the East coast of Africa, 4 degrees south of the equator:



There are many reasons for going back, one of which is to prepare specifically for IMSA in just over 7 weeks.  Training for an early season Ironman in the Northern Hemisphere is tough, but I'll have plenty of time to acclimatise to conditions similar to that in South Africa.  
Also, my friend and fellow athlete Simon Brierley is hosting the first Paradise Tri Training camp, starting on Monday 21st February.  This is the first triathlon camp to be held in the Seychelles, offering athletes stunning training conditions.  I'm looking forward to helping at the camp when possible and maybe joining in for a few early morning group swims in lagoons!  Next weekend is the annual Seychelles Eco Healing Marathon, which some of the athletes from the camp will be racing in.  I'll just enjoy watching!
After what seems like a lifetime of studying, it's time for me to try and balance training with working.  The life of a student has afforded me a lot of training and recovery time, but I'm looking forward to moving on.  Once I return there will be a lot of things to sort out, but hopefully I'll be on my feet soon enough.  Im really excited about starting my business as a personal trainer and looking forward to what lies ahead.