IMSA Diary: Day 1

After a few delayed flights, I finally made it to Port Elizabeth last night. Thankfully I had a decent sleep last night, even though I managed to nod off for a few hours during the flights.  I snapped a few pics of my new home for the next 8 days...

First thing this morning I unpacked the bike and set about putting it back together.  This is my 7th international race and I've become well practiced at this particular routine.  In 20 minutes it went from this:

To this:

Then it was off to the waterfront to search for breakfast.  I got lucky and stumbled across a great place in a casino!  The first day is always a little strange and race week is very relaxed in terms of training.  Fortunately I've got cable TV and a few sport channels!  I only saw a few athletes out training today, but I'm sure the atmosphere will pick up in the next few days. It was a beautiful day today, but much cooler than I've become used to. Here's hoping that when it gets down to the run, that will play in my favour.