IMSA Diary: Day 4

2 days before the race is the most boring day of the build up.  It was just a case of doing next to nothing and conserving all my energy.  It's difficult to think of anything other than the race on Sunday, but it's not healthy thinking about it 24 hours/day!  Fortunately the weather is back on track and we're set to have a hot day on Sunday - exactly what I was hoping for!

This evening was the race briefing which was held at a large warehouse


out of town.  Although it was well organised, the location was ridiculous.  I was able to get a lift to/from the venue with a neighbour which was lucky.  The race briefing went on a little later than scheduled, so I didn't bother to stick around for the pasta party afterwards.  Apologies for the disastrous photo below!

Tomorrow is bike check in and will be the first opportunity to check out some of my competition.  I'm not nervous about the race, but then again I never have been.  I'm just anxious to get underway!