IMSA Diary: Day 5

We're just about there!  This morning I followed the same pre race day training as I did for Hawaii - a short bike and run.  The weather tomorrow should be very similar to today, mid-high twenties and breezy - I couldn't have wished for better!  I'm feeling absolutely fantastic (although slightly full of carbs!) and ready to race!

The following two photos show the run route heading out of town and coming back into town.  It's pretty flat but has the potential to be a bit gusty!

This afternoon was the same routine as every Ironman - bike and transition bag racking.  I managed  get in the queue at the earliest opportunity and only had to wait in line for around 5 minutes.  It was very well organised and within a few moments I was done.  I didn't want to hang around for too long, but I had a quick chat with one of the locals in my age-group to ask a few questions regarding the logistics of transition.  It looks like from swim to bike there will be quite a bit of running, so T1 time might be a bit long.

It will be an early night this evening and no doubt a restless sleep.  I am, however, ready to do what I came here for.  I'm in the best physical shape I've been in and it will be exciting to see how I can translate that to my performance tomorrow.  Luck is always an important factor not to be overlooked, so here's hoping that everything goes favourably (fingers crossed)!  Thanks for following my diaries this far and for all your support. Here it goes...