Weekly Training Update


So week 2 of the programme is done and dusted, and it's been another good consistent week of training.  Let's start with the swim.  In preparation for Kona I promised myself I'd be more committed to regularly swimming, knowing that improvements won't come on the mileage I was accruing.  This week I managed 12.5km split between 5 sessions.  The focus is still very much on technique, although I'm conscious of doing some faster efforts, too.  Early morning swims are still being done at the sea whilst I patiently await the reopening of the pool.  Apart from the occasional jelly fish, being out in the ocean is nice!
Bike -  the first session of the week was another FTP test, as my last one was a little while ago.  I saw a nice 14w jump in power, bringing my threshold to a new high.  4 of the 5 sessions on the bike included threshold intervals, with scatterings of intervals at and above half-ironman pace.  The bike is definitely where the majority of the intensity in the programme is coming from, as intensity has been the backbone of my bike training for the past 18 months.  
Running is going well, although it's definitely a bit tougher than it was before!  Two visits to the track ensured that I got some fast paced running done.  As I'm fairly new to the intense runs, I'm easing my way into things, so currently the intervals are short with adequate recovery.  There were also two steady paced runs as well as a gentle recovery jog.  Making sure that I get the most out of the key sessions, even the not-so-long 'long' run this morning included intervals at open half-marathon pace.  Total run volume for the week was 42 miles, with much more quality running than I'm used to.  Thankfully Extreme Endurance is keeping me going!