10 Weeks of Training Left


I'm now into the second block of training for Kona.  It's hard to believe that Ironman South Africa was over three months ago.  When putting the training plan together for Hawaii, I separated it into two blocks, one 9 week block and one 10 week block. Knowing that there are just 10 weeks of hard training to go is both worrying and motivating!  Of course, it's 13 weeks until race day, but I'm factoring in my standard 3 week taper.
The next 10 weeks will be further broken down into two 5 week micro-blocks.  I find that trying to focus on short-term goals leads to better focus and motivation towards training, rather than setting your sights on something that is still a long way away.  Of  course, having long-term goals is important, but it's hard to stay motivated if the end goal is so far away.
The last 9 weeks have been great fun with some tough training along the way.  The next 10 weeks promises to be even tougher, but hopefully just as rewarding.  I've got to say a special thank you to 2XU compression and Extreme Endurance for helping with my recovery and allowing me to keep at it!