Relaxing on Praslin


After a solid 10 week block of training, last week I felt that the timing was right for a lighter week in preparation for the final phase ahead of Kona.  I left the main island and took the 10 minute flight to Praslin, the second largest island in the Seychelles, where my family live.  Every now and then it's nice to take a little time to enjoy some of the things you miss out on during training, and that's exactly what I did.  Extra sleep, long lunches, beach hopping, sunbathing, and of course a little (or a lot!) of ice cream!  
In the 6 days I spent relaxing, I only trained 9 hours.  The only bad thing was that I forgot my Extreme Endurance supply - should have had one of their travel packs! Here's a couple of pics from my easy week:
The Family House
View of the mountain from the garden
Not a bad place to relax!