It seems like only yesterday that I was the youngest competitor in most races, but not anymore.  Earlier this week I turned 23, moving yet another year closer to the 25-29 age-group.  Although 23 is not a milestone in any way, I did make me reflect on the past year and all that I've done.  The past 12 months have seen me race in Monaco, South Africa and of course, my first World Championships in Hawaii.  I've had some good races and most importantly, I continue to love training and racing.
I am 100% committed to the path I've chosen to pursue - that of athletic excellence. The race in Hawaii will be a good indication of where I am currently and how far I have to go.  Saying that, irrespective of what happens in Hawaii, I'll continue to work towards achieving my goal of becoming a professional triathlete.  Whilst 23 is still young and there's plenty of time, I'm conscious of making the most of my opportunities in the present moment.  Every ounce of my energy is going into the race in October and I'm excited to once again have the chance to race amongst the best long distance triathletes in the world and see where I stand.