Kona Diary 2011 - Days 11-13


After the slightly downbeat nature of my previous post, I'm glad to report that I'm fit and healthy again!  The bug I picked up had me down and out for 3 days.  I was more cautious than normal, as I could have easily tried to get in some heavy training on the third day, but better safe than sorry.  It proved to be a good decision, as recent training has picked up where I left off.
Sunday morning was the peak long run of my build up, and it was a long run.  20.75 miles.  I'm sure glad I had my Extreme Endurance after that session!  Without checking my the training logs, I'd guess that's my longest training run since 2008. The session went exactly to plan, executing long periods at and above race pace, as well as practicing race nutrition.  The following day was geared to recovery from the run, with easy swim, bike and run sessions spread throughout the day.  



This morning was a scorcher!  It turned out to be a great day to get a long ride in, and I once again rode the bike course.  Another solid session in the bag.  It's amazing how conditions can change on the island, specifically the wind.  Traveling north you're going into a headwind, you turn around expecting a nice tailwind, but no... headwind again.  It was nice to finally get to the shop at Kawaihae and refill the water bottles!
This is the final 'big' training week, after which the taper will begin.  The taper is a period I always look forward to, but before I start concentrating on that, there's the rest of this week to get through.