Kona Diary 2011 - Days 24-27


It has been a good few days of training, with some solid sessions as well as some lighter training days.  Saturday was a long swim of 5500 yards, with a main set of 10x 400 yards leaving on 6:00, finishing each 400 yard set on 5:20-5:25.  Prior to Ironman South Africa I couldn't break 5:30 for a single 400 yard effort, so things have improved since then.  In the afternoon I did some threshold efforts on the bike, feeling good throughout the session.  I woke up early on Sunday to get in a key run session: 14 miles in total, along the Queen-K Highway to the Energy Lab. This is the second half of the run course on race day, so it was another chance to familiarise myself with the course.  Later that afternoon I headed off to the pool for a very light session.  
Monday was an easy day, with the only training being a spin on the bike.  Other than that, it was just a case of relaxing and catching up with old '24' episodes!  This morning (Tuesday) was another race simulation day, with a 3h30' ride followed by a 30 minute run.  This was similar to last weeks session, with the only difference being that the ride was shorter and more intense.  Again, running at midday proved to be pretty hot, especially with no cloud cover.  Despite that, I was hitting my paces really well.  
I'm feeling really positive about the training that has been done, and so far, the taper is going well.  Extreme Endurance has helped the muscles feel fresh, and with more rest to come, I'm sure I'll only feel better.  Once the week is over, then training will be reduced even more significantly, with race week being very light indeed.