Kona 2012 Race Week: Thursday

With a day off scheduled I didn’t set an alarm and managed to lie in until 7:50am.  That gave me just enough time to head downstairs and see the start of the annual underpants run.  This has become part of the fabric of race week, with hundreds (many over a thousand?) people running through the streets of Kona in their undies! 

After some down time and a lay down I dropped off my bike at the Cervelo tent for a complimentary pre-race tune up.  All the folks there were really friendly and happy to help out.  On the way there I bumped into Herbert Krabel - editor of Slowtwitch - who took a picture of me with my bike.  The picture ended up on the Slowtwitch Kona 2012 Day 4 Gallery! For lunch I went to Basik after a week long hiatus – as always, their acai bowl (this time the Puna Bowl) really hit the spot!  I had an email from Brian, just double checking that I didn’t have any last minute queries or questions about the race plan.  My reply to him went something along the lines of, ‘You’ve prepped me well.  I’m ready’.  I picked up the bike later on and went back to the condo to relax for the rest of the afternoon.  I whittled away the next few hours reading and it was soon time to head to the E Komo Mai (translated: welcome) dinner.

Yes, I have a sweet flip-flop tan line!

A few of us got together and helped ourselves to the (very average) buffet before finding a table with a decent view of the stage.  It was much the same as years past, with local music and dancing, followed by videos of clips from past races and various awards being handed out.  Unfortunately this all took much longer than scheduled, and as 8:30pm approached, we decided it was time to leave before the race briefing had begun.  Had it not been delayed we would have stuck around, but with 36 hours to go until the start, time is better spent at home relaxing with the feet up.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.  The day before race day is interesting – it’s not a time for reflection, but a last chance to focus on what you need to do to ensure you have the best race possible.  My Aunt who’s travelled all the way from the UK to watch the race arrives in the afternoon, so it will be great to see her after spending the whole summer away from family.  In tomorrow’s post I’ll talk a little about motivations, goals and the game plan for the race.