Abu Dhabi Diary - Day 4 - Race Day


At the time of writing, the long course results are not yet available online and the race website has crashed, so the times that follow are approximations and are not yet confirmed (I'll look a bit silly if it turns out to be wrong)!  To confirm the distances: Swim 3k - Bike 200k - Run 20k.
Swim: 45:00
Bike: 4:59
Run: 1:18
Finish: 7:05
I think that was enough for 1st in the 20-24 age-group and second age-grouper overall.  I'm about to head off to the awards dinner, so we'll soon find out... fingers crossed!  In any case, it was an interesting day out there, with lots of positives, but also some things to take away and work on for the rest of the seasons training.  Conditions were, I'd say, sporting.  I didn't have a very good swim - more on that in the race report next week.  There were strong winds on the bike, but when you had a tailwind you were absolutely flying.  It was a fast day out there and the bike splits reflect that.  The run was definitely the highlight of the day, as I managed a well paced effort and felt comfortable throughout, without digging myself in too much of a hole.  I'll try and get the times and result confirmed as soon as I can, but if I'm not able to before leaving Abu Dhabi, then I'll close by saying thanks to all who followed the Daily Diaries - hope you enjoyed it!


EDIT TO ADD: The times are slightly off, but the results are correct.  1st 20-24 age-group, 2nd age-grouper overall.  Thumbs up :)