Bound for France

Firstly, welcome to!  After a few years of blogging, I hope that the new website will give you all the chance to keep up to date with everything I'm up to.  If anyone ever has any questions, please get in touch.

Tomorrow is the start of another new chapter in 2012, as I'll spend the next two months training at triathlon training camp, Les Stables, in the Dordogne, France.  This will be my first trip back to France since racing TriStar Monaco in the summer of 2010, and I can't wait to get there.  The Dordogne should offer a fantastic training environment conducive to triathlon training.  This opportunity arose purely by chance, thanks to a friend knowing the owners.  After a few email exchanges and telephone calls, it was confirmed that I'll be there until the 7th June.  Afer spending the afternoon whittling my belongings down to 40kg, I'm ready to fly in the morning.



As most of the training will be group riding, I'm taking the road bike, as the tri bike wouldn't be very appropriate.  There's also a river nearby, so the wetsuit is ready for action.  I'm not planning on racing during the next few months, but rather get in a really solid training block ahead of the summer.  If the opportunity to race presents itself, I may well take it, but we'll see how things go.  Hopefully I haven't forgotten anything - no doubt I'll remember a bunch of things once I've left for the airport!