Week 3 in Boulder

Monday has generally been a light training day, and the week started with an early morning wakeup call at 5:15am for a swim at Flatirons Athletic Club (where the who’s who of triathlon train).  Each time I swim my shoulder seems to feel better than it did last time, which is a trend I hope continues.  The Monday routine at Greek café Daphne’s continued, grabbing a post ride pitta burger before an afternoon nap and a run later in the evening. 

Early morning ride heading North

Tuesday was vo2 interval day on the bike, which Scott and I did together.  To psyche ourselves up for the session we stopped off for a coffee en route.  We couldn’t turn down the bacon and gruyere filled croissant, which was then followed by a slice of banana nut bread!  After letting breakfast digest we got the session done and it went surprisingly well, exceeding my target power numbers for the intervals – another sign that I’m starting to acclimatise to the change in altitude.  Later that afternoon I cycled down to Boulder creek for a 10 mile run along the creek and Boulder Canyon Trail.  On Wednesday morning I cycled to Ward and back, although this time I did the 3.5 hour ride solo.  I decided to get the session done as early as possible and upon reaching the roadside shop at Ward, was told that I was the first cyclist of the day!  Unfortunately there are no prizes or awards for that honour… 

Ward is a small town

That evening Scott, Will and I took a bit of down time by going to the cinema, followed by dinner out in Pearl Street at a joint with some rather good looking waitresses!  Thursday morning was my long run for the week, which is currently around 14 miles.  By 5:30am I was out the door and on the trail, getting in a solid run with 30 minutes at tempo pace.  I’ve realised from the last two weeks that this session is one of my toughest, so the 2 hour ride later in the day was at a fairly easy effort.  I must admit to being slightly relieved when Thursday night’s Aquathlon was cancelled as I was feeling pretty tired.  Despite having a race the next day, Saturday’s training comprised of a solid bike ride with some good honest work thrown in.  It was also the one day of the week where I didn’t have to put on the trainers and run, so I spent the afternoon getting everything ready for the race. 

Decked out with Smart ENVE System 6.7 Clinchers

Sunday marked my first race in mainland America – the inaugural Evergreen Sprint Triathlon.  A full race report will be posted tomorrow, so I won’t talk about the race too much now.  It was a fantastic event at a great venue and I was very pleased to come away with 3rd place overall. 

The stunning location of Evergreen

When we got back to Boulder we refuelled with a burger and sweet potato fries, which gave me enough energy to crawl into bed and crash for a few hours before a 2 hour ride in the afternoon to complete the week.   I may or may not have stopped for frozen yoghurt on the way back from the ride!  It was another great week of training with solid cycling and running mileage.  Regarding the swim, things seem to be coming along week by week, albeit slowly, but I’m finally feeling a bit more optimistic about my shoulder recovery.