Week 7 in Boulder

The Monday after Boulder 70.3 marked my first rest day since arriving in the States over 6 weeks ago.  The rest day was most welcome as I had some inevitable post-race soreness, but thanks to loading up on Extreme Endurance and wearing my Compressport FORQUADS during the race it wasn’t too bad!  I made sure to rest as much as possible during the day, and other than a gentle cycle to Illegal Pete’s for a lunch time burrito, I pretty much stayed off my feet all day.

On Tuesday I got back into some light training with a 30 minute swim and a coffee interrupted ride.  I still had some residual soreness and was glad to have another easy day.  Wednesday was much the same, with the only workout being a swim.  I was in constant contact with Brian after the race, and we ensured that the training post-race would allow adequate recovery.  By now I’d had three easy days and I was ready to get back into some solid training, which is exactly what I had in store for Thursday.

The first session of the day was a 3 hour ride, within which there were 2x 20 minute intervals at threshold.  This is somewhat of a ‘staple’ session that I’ve done literally a hundred times, so I was really pleased to set new PB watts for the intervals.  After a post ride recovery shake I got ready for another one of my standard sessions – a 7 mile run.  I was ready for some lunch and a mid-day nap before getting ready for a 3.6k afternoon swim.  It had been a good day of training, but it wasn’t over yet.  Having delayed my swim a little too long, I had a manic rush to get to Thursday evening’s Stroke & Stride aquathlon on time.  This meant I had a 35 minute hammerfest on the town bike, trying frantically to catch every green light.  I arrived at the reservoir with 10 minutes until the start, dripping with sweat with the last thing on my mind a 1.5k swim and 5k run!  After quickly signing up I donned the wetsuit and made it to the start with a few minutes to catch my breath.  The swim was quite slow and on the second loop my arms were aching, probably not surprising given that this was my biggest swim day in 2+ months.  Once out of the water I had absolutely nothing in the legs and couldn’t fathom running a fast 5k.  I got to the turnaround point in 10:15!  Well, no matter how tired I was, that just wasn’t acceptable.  I picked it up on the way back and did the second half in 9:14 for a 19:29 split.  After some pizza and coke I summoned up the energy to head back home, taking over 45 minutes to cycle back.  It had been a big training day and I was absolutely spent.

There was no lie-in on Friday morning, but instead a 2 hour run, which would be my longest run since Ironman Western Australia over 9 months ago.  Unsurprisingly, I wasn’t feeling too fresh for the session, but got through it quite well considering.  The only remaining session of the day was an afternoon swim.  On Saturday I had an early morning 4 hour ride scheduled, and I decided to head towards Carter Lake.  Strangely it was a really overcast morning, which didn’t bother me too much as I was able to stay relatively cool throughout the ride.  I also went along Big Thompson Canyon which was a really cool stretch of road.

After 3 tough days I felt I really needed an easier day, so Sunday couldn’t come soon enough.  Contrary to the morning before, Sunday was a beautiful morning, so Scott and I headed out to Spruce for a leisurely coffee and banana nut bread slice.  After procrastinating for way too long, I headed out for the rest of my ride, climbing towards Ward.  During the ride I started to get an unfathomable desire – no, need – for a burger!  Once the seed was planted in my mind, the only thing getting me through the rest of the ride was the thought of a delicious bacon cheeseburger, which duly came courtesy of Smash Burger!  A short afternoon swim topped off the Jekyll and Hyde week of 3 easy days and 3 very tough days.