Daily Diaries: Las Vegas - Day 1

Before our morning flight from Denver to Las Vegas, we went to our favourite cafe for the final time, enjoying our last latte and banana bread slice.  As we were traveling with two bike bags, two suitcases and multiple rucksacks, loading the car to get to the bus stop proved a challenge.  Ultimately, Scott and I both had an uncomfortable ride.

We made it to the airport in good time and went through check-in and security without any issues.  Although the flight was only 1.5 hours, I was less than impressed when I realised Scott had got us seats in the very back row next to the toilets.  I somehow managed to get some sleep, despite the obnoxious and overly loud guy a few rows ahead who didn’t comprehend the meaning of silence.

After a long and frustrating wait for our baggage, we jumped in a cab to check-in at the hotel and had just enough time to grab lunch and rebuild our bikes before registering in the afternoon.  I arrived at the hotel to find a delivery from the great guys at ENVE – some shiny SES 6.9 tubular wheels! 

Our hotel is just a few miles from T2, so we rode our bikes to registration, which gave us a chance to check that everything was working properly.  It was a quiet ride with very few cars out on the road.

Registration closed at 4pm, but we made it with plenty of time to spare, arriving at 3:40!  Fortunately it was a quick process and we were soon on our way back to the hotel.  I went out for a quick 15 minute run and felt fantastic.  The difference in altitude was immediately noticeable, but any benefits will likely be offset somewhat by the amazing heat here in Vegas.  As there are lots of other athletes staying at the hotel, we were lucky to hitch a lift down to the welcome dinner (at Lake Las Vegas where T1 is located – his race has a split transition).  The official race hotel was a great venue for the dinner, which was probably a bit better than most other races.  The race briefing followed, which thankfully didn’t last too long, so we were soon heading back to our hotel for an early night to catch up on some much needed rest.  Although it had been a long day, I was feeling relaxed and fresh, thanks to wearing my Compressport Full Socks for almost the entire day.