Daily Diaries: Las Vegas - Day 2

After a great night’s sleep I was awoken, tempted by the waffles at breakfast downstairs!  The day before the race I always like to have a good size meal for breakfast and lunch, with a smaller dinner.  In keeping with that, I enjoyed some waffles, a bagel and yoghurt.  Later in the morning I went for a very short 10 minute ride, more than anything to double check that everything was ready for tomorrow.  Over the last 3 weeks I’ve been lucky enough to be riding the new Cervelo P5, which has been absolutely incredible paired with ENVE wheels, and I hope I’m able to do it justice tomorrow. 

I went out for another 10 minute run with a few 45 second pick-ups to race pace.  As yesterday, I felt great and am very optimistic of having a solid run tomorrow.  The run course Is very challenging, as you’re wither climbing or descending, with very few stretches of flat road on the 3 loop course.  After a quick shower I rode to T2 to hand in my bike-run transition bag, which again was a quick process.

The guys at Extreme Endurance had a stand at the expo and it was great to catch up with them.  It sounds like there are some exciting things in the works, so be sure to keep checking up on what these guys are up to.  My coach Brian is in Vegas for the weekend to watch the race, so it was great to finally meet him after working together since the start of the year.  Fellow Accelerate 3 athlete Dusty Nabor hosted a few people at his house nearby and it was great to relax for a few hours and stay out of the sun. 

The final order of the day was to rack our bikes and hand in our swim-bike transition bag, which meant going back to Lake Las Vegas.  We got a cab to the lake and quickly racked our bikes and bags.  Even though it was past 4pm, the heat was still intense and we were keen to get out of the sun as quickly as possible.  We still had time for a quick interview with Bryan Rhodes for IronmanLive!

With all the pre-race formalities done, the last thing to do was stay off our feet and have dinner.  I’m generally very relaxed about what I eat before a race, and today’s dinner of King’s came courtesy of Teriyaki Madness.

Although this race wasn’t initially a big goal for the season, I couldn’t be more excited to be here and to be racing tomorrow.  There’s some tough competition in the 18-24 age-group with strong Europeans and a mini invasion of Aussies!  That being said, the training has been done and the hay is in the barn.  There’s nothing left to do but go out there and see what I’ve got.