Lanzarote Training Camp '13 - Week 4

Today marks 4 weeks here at Sands Beach... how time flies.  I'm happy to say that the last week of training has been very, very good, with a number of stand out sessions.  However, the real highlight of the week was watching Ironman Hawaii through the night on Saturday.  I can't deny being envious of everyone racing, but it was great to follow so many friends out there.  A special mention must go to my friend Kyle Buckingham for an incredible performance, finishing 16th overall in 8:34.  Having spent a month living and training with Kyle earlier this year, I can say first hand that his work ethic is unmatched and he certainly deserves all the plaudits.  But back to me, this is my blog after all... :)

Without detailing every session, the weekend's long bike ride incorporated climbing Tabayesco, not once, not twice, not three times... no, not even four times, but five times!  With each ascent faster than the last, I finished the session with nothing left to give.  The next day I repeated a run interval session that I did 2 weeks prior and averaged 10 seconds/mile quicker.  I'd like to chalk that all down to progress, but I must remember that I wasn't on top form 2 weeks ago.  Still, it was nice to get some confidence from that session.  Last week was also one of the biggest swim weeks I've put together in some time. 

I really can't stress how important its been for me to have the pool on site.  Normally swim workouts are the first to get pushed to the side if I get lazy, but there are simply no excuses when the pool is on your doorstep.  Yesterday was a long double run day, getting 22.5 miles done in total.  I did these two runs in the Adios Boost shoes, which at the moment I'm leaning towards running in at Ironman Arizona.  Before deciding one way or the other, I want to get in a few long runs in different models so I can make the right decision for me. 

Fortunately today has been an easier day, which started with a 2 hour pre-breakfast ride, followed by a lunch time swim with Stephen Bayliss.  We did a good set together, which was a solid workout for me, but for him was a walk in the park!  It was good to have some company in the pool and it definitely helps to make the session go by more quickly.  Looking at the upcoming schedule, there's a good mix of both volume and intensity.  With exactly one month to go until the race, the window of opportunity to get in some key sessions is closing, so it's important to take full advantage of this period of time.