Christmas in Seychelles

It's hard to believe that a whole season and nine months have passed since I left the Seychelles in March. It's good to be back! After a much appreciated break and a few easy weeks, training has gradually been returning to something resembling normal. One of the highlights is being back in the outdoor pools here – it (almost) never gets old!


That being said, lazy afternoons are also a highlight here!  


I'm pretty sure I was supposed to be training that evening, but joining my little cousins playing in the pool seemed like more fun! This was also the first time in a few years that I've spent Christmas here. The morning kicked off with zip lining with the family, which admittedly isn't the most traditional way to spend Christmas, but it was a lot of fun! 


In the spirit of shying away from tradition, we had sushi for lunch – not quite the usual turkey and sprouts! I'll admit to getting a bit of a kick from training on Christmas day, so I did manage to sneak in a quick gym session and a run before dinner. I've been running around the south of the island, where the roads are a fair bit quieter. The coastal road has some amazing views – almost enough to take your mind off the heat and humidity! It took at least a week to get used to running here again. For anyone who has trained/raced in Hawaii, conditions here are very similar (minus the wind, thankfully). Whilst the majority of the roads are flat, every now and then there's some pretty serious climbs from a few hundred metres to a mile long, sometimes kicking up to a 20%+ gradient! That's one way of turning an aerobic session into a pretty painful experience! The benefit of having had 6 weeks of minimal training is that I'm physically fresh. That's the only thing I can chalk my run times down to – I've been ticking over at 6:30-6:50/mile for the most part, which has been a nice surprise.


There have been a few days with some pretty serious rain, so I've had a good chance to test the Adidas Energy Boost shoes out in varying conditions. They're pretty awesome in the wet and I'm looking forward to comparing them to the newly released Supernova Glide Boost shoes with the Continental outsole. The Adios Boosts have stayed in the suitcase until now, but as soon as I get back into some faster running I'll bust them out!