January Update

We’ve had our fair share of torrential rain over the last few weeks, but the consistency of training has remained.  I’ve managed to luck out in dodging the rain for the most part and have enjoyed some cloudier and cooler runs.  January turned out to be a breakthrough for the most run distance I’ve covered in a calendar month at 229.58 miles.  Brian also scheduled a 5k track run to get a benchmark for where my current run fitness is.  Doing the run solo, I was chuffed to go 16:56 for a new PB, 52seconds faster than my previous best.  I'm realistic in knowing that's a long way from being very fast, but I don't claim to be a short course athlete - it's not where my strengths lie.  The only disappointment I’ve had whilst running came during this week’s long run, where the shop I intended to stop at halfway through the run was closed.  It was a scorching morning and I suffered another 3 miles before getting to the next store to rehydrate. 

As bike training is being done on the indoor trainer, there’s no way I’m going to be breaking any records for bike volume – that will have to wait until I get back to Boulder in the summer.  With the Abu Dhabi race less than 4 weeks away, there’s no avoiding the long rides that are needed to be ready for the race.  I’ve had a few decent rides which have been far from a cake walk, the toughest of which was 4 hours at an average power of 3.85W/kg.  In the Seychelles we don’t have access to your usual sports nutrition products, no gels, bars, powder, chews or anything of the kind.  There’s a limit to how much Coke or Fanta my teeth can handle during the long rides, so I’ve turned to honey sandwiches to fuel me through – sometimes you’ve got to make do!  Looking at my schedule there’s some longer rides coming up, so iTunes and episodes of Homeland will continue to be called upon in the coming weeks. 

During a recent post I touched on the fact that, strangely, I’m enjoying swimming.  That’s still the case, but it’s not hard to enjoy it when you’ve got a 50m outdoor pool to yourself more often than not!  A lot of recent swims have been done in the rain, which I actually really love.  If nothing else, it made a nice change from getting sun burn on my back! 

In other news, it’s the time of year when sponsorships are being finalised for 2013, and I’m pleased to say that there have been some recent developments.  With just a matter of weeks until the 2013 kicks off, I’m starting to get pretty excited!