Late Season in Lanzarote

I’ve really enjoyed the last few weeks since Ironman Copenhagen.  I’ll admit that I savoured the result for a while, but no more, it’s time to look forward again.  Longevity in the sport is absolutely crucial for me (I intend on doing this for another 15 years), and with that in mind I always allow adequate recovery post-race.  I’m lucky that Brian gives me free reign in the weeks post-Ironman – not to do as much as I want, but rather to do as little as I want.  There’s no reward in rushing back to high volume and/or high intensity training too soon and risking injury.  It’s only this last week that I’ve returned to regular training and it has all been at a moderate intensity. 

Fortunately I’ve had the thought of an impending race to keep me focussed.  Summer is over, most of the events have come and gone, but a few remain.  Since spectating Ironman Arizona last year and loving everything about the race, I always planned to end my season in Tempe.  Flights are now booked and my friend Stu has stocked the cupboards ready for my arrival!  With just 9 weeks to go until the race, there’s a lot of hard training to be done to get in decent shape.  With that in mind, I needed to put some thought into where I’d train for the build up to the race.  After deciding to stay in Europe, Lanzarote quickly became the first choice destination and I’m excited to say that next week I’m headed to Sands Beach Resort for 6 and a half weeks!


I prioritized a number of things that I was looking for in a base in Lanzarote and Sands Beach ticked all the boxes.  The resort looks fantastic and clearly caters to triathletes with facilities such as a 25m pool on site.  A number of other professional athletes make Sands Beach their home, such as Nico Ward Munoz, Victor Del Corral and Olympian Helle Frederiksen, just to name a few.  It really does look like the ideal triathlon training environment, so I really can't wait to get there and explore the island.

I’ve also added Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote to the race calendar on 5th October.  I rather sprung this on Brian out of nowhere, but it seemed like a good opportunity to race myself into fitness for November.  I wasn’t bargaining on racing before Arizona, so I’m a little nervous as to where my fitness will be.  Regardless, the course looks to be challenging with some decent climbing on the bike, so it might prove to be a good shock to the system!