#Allin With Adidas

It's official, I'm all in (or ballin' as the title may suggest)!  I'm really pleased to say that I've partnered with Adidas and will continue to train and race in Adidas footwear for the coming year.  Over the past 18 months I've trained and raced in a range of Adidas shoes, but I've primarily been putting miles on the Tempo and Adios 2 models.  This year the Adios 2's have been my go-to race shoe, wearing them at Ironman South Africa and of course for a 2:49:57 run at Ironman Copenhagen.  


Adios 2 in centre, Adizero Adios Boost either side

Adios 2 in centre, Adizero Adios Boost either side

In February this year Adidas unveiled their new midsole material called Boost, which do away with EVA as the main component of the midsole.  The revolutionary material offers greater cushioning, yet delivers a responsive and firm ride, as well as retaining its properties at extreme temperatures (either hot or cold).  

Following Adidas's release of the Boost shoes, this revolutionary technology has now reached the Adios shoes… enter the Adizero Adios Boost!  My favourite shoe now has Boost technology - fast just got faster!  They've already got a major win to their name courtesy of Dennis Kimetto at this year's Tokyo Marathon.  I've been testing these out for the last 3 weeks or so and initial impressions are very, very positive.  I'm testing out the same size I wear in the Adios 2's, as well as a half size bigger.


I'm also excited to have the chance to wear the original line of Boost shoes - the Energy Boost and Adistar Boost.  They come in a range of colours (UK and US colour offerings differ slightly) and definitely stand out.  I've only had these for a week, so it's a little premature to be in a position to review them in any detail.  What I can say unequivocally is that the difference between the Boost and EVA midsole is evident.  I'm genuinely excited about putting all these shoes through their paces.