H2O Audio Surge 2G Headphones Review


As an athlete who trains solo, music is my only companion.  At the turn of the year my headphones started to give up the ghost.  As with most things, rather than buy the same product again, I was on the lookout for something better.  With only a few options for sports headphones, there wasn't a huge range to choose from.  My one complaint from my previous pair of headphones was their ability to stay put in my ears when wet (ie. sweaty).  This led me to look into waterproof headphones, specifically, H20 Audio's Surge 2G Waterproof Headphones.  Incidentally, these are designed to be paired with the company's waterproof ipod cases designed for swimming, although I had no intention of swimming with them.
After reading a few positive reviews, and very few negative ones, I took the plunge (pun intended) and ordered them.  The first thing I noticed was the beefy headphone jack, which I assumed was on account of the headphones being waterproof.  I expect, and hope, that this will make the product more durable in the long run.  They come with a range of different sized earplugs, allowing you to choose the pair that fits your ears best.  I opted for the smallest size (as was the case with my previous brand of headphones) and set off for a run immediately.  The headphones stayed put and not once did I have to touch them to make any adjustments.  On top of that, in the past 4 weeks of use, no amount of sweat has been detrimental to their performance.  I'm not a perfectionist when it comes to sound quality, but I can't abide those cheap headphones you get that come standard with any mp3 player.  These are certainly an upgrade in that regard, and the fact that they'll stay in your ears leaves you with just your workout to concentrate on, rather that fiddling with your headphones mid-session.  Whilst they're not perfect (very few things are), they're by far the best sports headphones that I've come across.  Thumbs up.
*I have no association with H2O Audio*